INTEGRATED INDUSTRIAL ART AND HANDI CRAFTS ENGINEERING RESEARCH CENTER (IIRC) is Regd. Under, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India “Certificate of Incorporation” (Enclosed) established at 24, Parganas (North), West Bengal, India, in the year 2017 as a registered company with the objective to provide

knowledge for self development among the Sector and Industries.

IIRC is a multidisciplinary consultancy company. It’s actively playing a role for promotion and development of Industries, Skill training programme, industrial Education, Infrastructure and Entrepreneurship across the states.

IIRC works towards Women’s Empowerment, Exhibition, Seminar, Awareness Programme, Education and Livelihood Promotion, Skill Development Training, Skill Based Literacy, Livelihood Training, Research & Development, Design & Marketing Workshop, Product productivity improvement, problems solving the existing cluster, Design & Promotional Service, Consultancy, Etc.